Helge Ræder, PhD – Principal Investigator

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I am beside my Professorship, a pediatric endocrinologist at the Department of Pediatrics, Haukeland University hospital with an outpatient clinic including patients with diabetes and ovarian and testicular conditions since 2006. During this tenure I have had substantial contact with end users.  During my PhD (2002-2006) I published three papers in Diabetes (highest impact in this Journal group) and one paper in Nature Genetics as first author, with papers describing genetic and clinical studies, including oral and intravenous glucose tolerance tests. One study was the description of a novel diabetes form (MODY8), another study was the first description world-wide of the transition from insulin injections to sulfonylurea tablets in a patient with KCN11-PNDM (permanent neonatal diabetes, Sagen, Ræder et al, Diabetes 2004).  I also stayed one year (2005-6) at Harvard Medical School (with Prof Ron Kahn) where I made two mouse models. During my residency (2006-2010) I published 11 papers related to Registry studies of diabetes, using the Norwegian MODY registry, the HUNT study (huge Norwegian population cohort) and collaboration with international registries (UK Exeter MODY Registry). For these studies I was awarded international and national Young Investigator Awards, including the ISPAD (International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes) and SSSD (Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes) awards. During my postdoc, I stayed at Harvard for another year (with Prof Rohit Kulkarni), and initiated studies of hiPSC-cells based on Norwegian MODY patients (published in JBC) as well as proteomics studies with Steve Gygi at Harvard Medical School (Published in Diabetes). After the postdoc I received in 2013 the prestigious Bergen Forskningsstiftelse Tenure Track (16 MNOK) for studies of iPSC-derived cells, and later also attracted funding from Novo Nordisk Foundation three times and from Western Norway Regional Health Authority and UiB which constitutes my current funding. With this funding I was able to set up the iPSC lab and attract talented PhD students (currently two) and postdoc fellows (currently three).  I am also a Founding and Principal board member of Bergen Stem Cell Consortium (BSSC). BSSC received substantial funding in 2014 (15 Million NOK/5 years from the Western Norway Regional Health Authority Strategic Program and further funding support of 48 MNOK to set up the ex vivo facility), and is currently setting up a Center for Regenerative Medicine in Bergen which I will lead. With collaborators, I recently published a full article in Nature with 4/17 co-authors from the Bergen/Norway team (March 2019). I have had invited presentation at the following peer-reviewed international conference:  The IPITA-JDRF-HSCI Key opinion leader´s meeting on stem cell-derived beta cells/Harvard Medical School (2018). (IPITA International pancreas and islet transplant association; JDRF, juvenile diabetes research foundation; HSCI, Harvard Stem Cell Institute). I have also a role in Innovation Leadership as Vice Dean of Innovation at the Medical Faculty, UiB, with responsibility to establish innovation culture at UiB and to oversee the construction of the new Innovation Venue of UiB and Haukeland University Hospital, the Medical Incubator (Inauguration Oct 2021).

Manuel Carrasco, PhD

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Manuel Carrasco recently obtained his PhD from the Andalusian Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine Centre in Seville, Spain. He obtained his Bachelor degree from University of Seville and his Master degree from University Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla, Spain).


Laurence Hoareau, PhD


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Laurence obtained her Bachelor’s degree from University of Reunion Island, her Master degree from University Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris, France) and her Ph.D in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology from University of Reunion Island. She has been working for 10 years in the field of adipose tissue inflammation linked to obesity-associated diseases.

Anne-Mette Søviknes, PhD

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Anne-Mette Søviknes graduated cand. scient from molecular biological institute at the University of Bergen in 2000 and has completed her doctorate at the Sars Centre for Marine Molecular Biology of the University of Bergen in 2007. She was a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Joel Glover at the University of Oslo.

Anne Knudsen – Staff Engineer

Anne Hammer Knudsen



Yngvild Bjørlykke – Lecturer Høgskulen på Vestlandet

Luiza Ghila – Researcher, UiB

Heidrun Vethe – Postdoctoral fellow at CCBIO, UiB

Marc Vaudel – Researcher, Center for Diabetes Research, UiB

Simona Chera – Associate Professor position at Department of Clinical Science; University of Bergen

Harald Barsnes – Researcher, Proteomics Unit (PROBE) at the Department of Biomedicine

Therese Visted – Haukeland Hospital

Constantin Berger – PhD student Julius-Maximilians Universitity in Wuerzburg